Workshop 1

11 May 2009 | by | In process

The first workshop on Sunday May 10th is to establish elements of a city. These elements will become the specification for the generated objects in the project [here][now].

part 1:
List all the elements of a city, each on a separate piece of paper. If there is not enough paper, cut up

part 2:
Create about 4 groups, divide the pieces of paper between the 4 groups.
Create a single diagram that structures all the elements in a relationship to each other.
You can only use 12 words in the diagram. You can’t use the pieces of paper. You can draw anything
you want.

part 3:
As a large group, look at the 4 structures and create visual criteria, forms and behaviors, that characterize the pieces. For example, politics has an abstract quality, whereas an assembly hall is a concrete part of the city. Criteria could be complexity, color, scattered/orderly, tall, skinny, dense/sparse, etc.

These spatial and temporal attributes become the specification for the generated objects. So a fast
red thing could be a fire-engine and a tall, fat, etherial structure could be a bureaucracy.

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