Workshop 1 : report

12 May 2009 | by | In process

Our first workshop consisted of three parts. In the first we asked people to write ‘elements of the city’ on sheets of paper. The second we split up into 3 groups and tried to find structures for these ‘elements’. The third part consisted of a discussion. Below are three diagrams that try to relate the different elements of the city.


The large triangle represents ‘concrete’ concepts. The top circle represents ‘abstract’ ideas. Different elements are dispersed throughout the structure – garbage bags at the bottom; Charity, Liberalism in the middle of the circle; sneakers strung on cables across the middle of the triangle.

The city is divided into 7 ‘cogs’. The sun and the moon represent time. A sort of perpetual clockwork. Charlie Chaplin is running on the outside. Roundly criticized for not expressing change in the city.

Time is running up and down, engineering from right to left. The ‘moral umbrella’ is in the middle, a compass turning in every way. The future “Red Light, Ice Cream Van” is desire. The past is narratives ‘Filthy Stories”. Organization is perceived as ‘Hustle and Bustle” on the left and a school with plumbing on the right. Loneliness, the candle, was supposed to exist in every quadrant.

© Walczak & Solomon