The Real and Virtual Association

10 January 2010 | by | In Uncategorized

We’ve been discussing the project and its extension. The workshops divide into three sets:
- Individuals drawing from their subjective experience, then as groups finding common elements.
- Analyzing and testing common elements, or shared ‘abstractions’.
- Creating tools, programmable architectures, for individuals to ‘express’ these common abstractions.

The workshops can take any space and any group of people and, using this toolkit, create various real and virtual installations. The installations can be in a public indoor space, or projected outside on buildings. People can access the data at home on their computer or collectively on monitors in public spaces.

We have created workshops in New York (with friends), in Seoul, Korea (with designers), and currently at Montalvo, California (with artists and cooks!). Future workshops will be in a small village in Sweden, in New York again, can be with teenagers, the retired, with a group from any agency or other organization.

In order to explain these contexts, we are creating “The Real and Virtual Association”, which takes the various components of [here][now] and extends them for use by others or to include others in the discussion.

This website will be transformed into a series of ‘Posters’. The idea here is to gather various data on a specific subject and collect them into one page. So for instance, one screen can show video from the Seoul, Korea, together with an introduction, screenshots, context, theories, links, installation shots, etc. Every subject we have discussed or location presented can become a ‘poster’ that is a ‘gestalt’, in one glance showing a range of theories and actions taken.

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