The Manifesto of Unintended Consequences

10 January 2010 | by | In Uncategorized

Reading ‘Manifestos for the Future’ by H.U.Obrist in e-flux magazine, and in general what constitutes contemporary in art, such as ‘New Species of Spaces’ by H.Fang. With the growth and variety of contemporary art, manifestos seem silly, they posit notions of the future – and all we know is that the future will hold unintended consequences.

The field of endeavor then is to create a set of conditions, like the format of  ‘haiku‘ poetry, that both limit and set free possibilities.

I’ve been in love with New Babylon for at least 3 decades, a society consisting purely of artists who engage in the world, their lives themselves being works of art.

The architecture of New Babylon is created by the artist Constant Nieuwenhuyst. This fact alone contradicts and negates the project.

[here][now] is a process to put all creativity in the hands of the participants,  a toolkit where any group in any location can create their perception of place, of how they map themselves.

Merely a baby step, but maps are a precondition to empowerment.

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