installation plans

2 June 2009 | by | In process

Final installation plan at Incheon Digital Festival.

Different possibilities to show the work at the Incheon Digital Festival

our first generated avatar

26 May 2009 | by | In process



22 May 2009 | by | In process


Gallery Installation

11 May 2009 | by | In process

3D view of gallery installation, showing 4 projectors. To view, copy link location:
and open location in InstantPlayer, or other vrml/X3D player.

Early Images

11 May 2009 | by | In process

Top left
Plan of gallery space showing real people and virtual space together. The green rectangle is the floor plan. In the center are the location of the 4 virtual cameras, their views are shown in the bottom row (below).

Person A is a fractured sphere
Person B is a series of tiled cubes
Person C is a star shape
Person D is a particle system

Top two middle and right
Plan and elevations of the virtual avatars with fragments of real people (for context only)
The dark green rectangle is the floor plan of the room.

Cameras 1 to 4 showing the views as they would be projected on the gallery wall.

So, a person walks into the room. An avatar is attributed to them. Others enter, get avatars.
There are 4 ‘virtual’ cameras in the space. Each one is rendered to one of the 4 walls of the room.
The cameras can ‘move’ in the virtual space based on location of people.
If people are all crowded to the left, the cameras move left, etc.

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