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This is our new description of the project:

The city is to society as the body is to the mind.

[here][now] is a process that puts creativity into the hands of participants, a toolkit where any group in any location can create their perception of place, of how they map themselves, and then find ways to manifest that creativity.

In his book The Image of the City (1960), Kevin Lynch discussed people creating mental maps of their perception of place. These maps focused urban planners on how people understood their spaces, maps being the first stage of empowerment.

Constant Nieuwenhuys’ “New Babylon” (1959-74) imagined a society consisting purely of artists who engage in the world, their lives themselves being works of art.

We take these two concepts, of mental maps and self-actualization, and research different modalities, ways in which current technologies can facilitate group creativity. The focus is the real and the virtual, of the connections that tie them, where the virtual is seen as community and communications, as something intrinsic in our physical experience.


Workshops: Starting with individual’s understanding of their spatial environment, or their path through a typical day, we then move to the more abstract, and as small groups analyze the highly subjective to create common ‘elements’ of the world around us, structures that people share between them.

Installations: We translate the abstract elements created in the workshops into 3D forms. These consist of projections in an installation, screens scattered in a city to be updated at home, or external projections on the city itself – portals into a virtual world.

Toolkit: Currently we create the 3D generative forms by manually transcribing workshop data. These are trials to eventually create an open system where workshop participants can program their own forms, and people could even arrange their own workshops. Each of our teaching practices (computer programming and architecture) factor into this component.

Exhibitions: Each of the many strategies, influences, installations, etc are turned into ‘posters’ or exhibitions, each consisting of screenshots, photographs, sketches from workshops, videos, etc, all about a specific space. These are then available either on the website or at discrete installations.

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