First setup at DPI

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IMG_1890 On Sunday we set up for the first time at the Digital Performance Institute with two projectors and screens. We will continue to do this each weekend for several weeks, aiming at having 3 projections.

The next weekend we will tweak some of the formal elements in the piece, such as camera views, transparency, testing inverted normals so that your current avatar doesn’t obscure the view of others. etc.

We love it! Thanks to Hal and others.

We also discussed the idea of ‘rogue’ installations in various spaces, and are on the lookout for places where we can workshop and project the piece… for a weekend, an evening etc.


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We have been thinking of different ways to show [here][now]. The project begins through a series of workshops in or near the final installation. Using individual experiences, of a sense of place, of city or town, we distill a set of ‘elements’. These are a distillation of how the workshop participants understand the physical and virtual influences around them.

The installation then, is an expression of the workshops, where we try to create a set of dynamic codes that correspond to an experience of place. These installations can be formal – in a museum of gallery setting as at Incheon, or can be informal, spontaneous events that take place on an outside wall or other non-standard place.

see workshops

see installation at the Incheon Digital Art Festival

Installation Images

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Images from the installation at INDAF. The software takes you from “creation mode”, where you are in the middle of the structures, to the center of the piece, where you observe the entirety of the ‘city’. This city is wiped out every night and generatively created every day from scratch, always a bit different . The actual location of the festival in Incheon, Korea, all the buildings and structures will themselves be demolished at the end of 80 days.

On the left is our hotel, in the middle the walk we did every day to the festival, with the festival buildings at the end.

First View

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First view of the project, with code completely re-written and based on the Nabi workshops.


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Details of our working installation at Nabi :
Top Left : Router and server
Top Right :
Two of the four performance computers
Bottom left :
Short-throw projector and camera with power cell
Bottom Right :
Marek & Rory’s laptops

Workshop 2 : Nabi

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In the 2nd workshop at Nabi we explored how individuals navigate the city and structure their thoughts and actions within it.

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Workshop 1 : Nabi

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The first workshop at Nabi produced a series of elements to be used as organizing principles for the project. The workshop instructions.

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Workshop at Nabi

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[here][now] is being workshoped at Nabi in Korea prior to our installation at the Incheon Digital Art Festival.

[here][now] investigates concepts of space and society through a virtual environment. The virtual and the real are counterpoints that serve as a dialectical springboard to a discussion about the ways that we, as modern citizens of the Information Age, function within the structures around us – in both virtual spaces, and in the physical spaces of our communities. The workshops are essential components to our work, as the exhibit is a reflection of its Korean location – to synthesize how people conceive of the city around them and find ways to characterize the relationships that they have to each other.

Street of Crocodiles

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“   Our language does not possess epithets fine enough to weigh, as it were, the degrees of its reality, to define its pliability. Let me say it bluntly: the tragedy of this district is that nothing here ever reaches completion; nothing transcends its definitivum — all movements, once begun, hang in the air; all gestures are prematurely exhausted and cannot proceed beyond a certain deadlock. We can now appreciate its great luxuriance and prodigality — in the intentions, projects and anticipations that characterise this district. It is all nothing more than the fermentation of desires, prematurely luxuriant and, therefore, impotent and empty. Every merest whim germinates in its atmosphere of inordinate facility; a fleeting tension swells and grows into an empty, puffed out excrescence, a shot up, grey and light vegetation of downy weeds — colourless shaggy poppy heads composed of a weightless tissue of illusion and hashish. A languid and profligate aura of sin rises over the whole district, and the houses, shops and people not uncommonly seem to be a shudder on its fervid body, the gooseflesh of its feverish reveries. Nowhere so much as here do we feel so threatened by possibilities, so shocked by the propinquity of fulfilment, scared pale and stiff by the pleasurable terror of realisation. But it ends there.”
Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schultz

Incheon Digital Art Festival

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[here][now] will be part of the Incheon Digital Art Festival in Korea. Opening on Friday 7th August 2009 and closing on September 20th 2009.

More information about the exhibition is here…

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